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Fermentations Meets Fiction: A PCDH19 Fundraiser

Join us for an author signing at:

When: Saturday, June 8th 

Time: 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Where: Mindscape Fermentations

5424 Crossing Dr. STE 105

Rocklin, California 

We're teaming up with Mindscape Fermentations in Rocklin, California to raise money and awareness for the PCDH 19 Alliance dedicated to support parents and fund research for a terrible form of epilepsy.


You can find out more:

Join us at our book signing where you can drink Sage's Dragon Troll kombucha and spice up your meal with Coyote Sunrise fermented hot sauce Brian and I made with Mindscape Fermentations. And because we like them so much, we let Cate, Nick's vampire sister-in-law enjoy the hot sauce in Demon Dance and Sage (formerly known as the Roman goddess, Securitas) share the kombucha named after her.


They invited a tarot reader and we made a playlist of music from Brian's games and music that inspired scenes in our books.


Brian is looking forward to answering questions you have about his games too!

Unable to attend?

For a limited time only you can get Demon Dance, Mind of the Beast, Witch Fire with the recipes for Dragon Troll Kombucha and Coyote Sunrise Fermented Hot Sauce.

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