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Mind of the Beast

Sundancer Mysteries, Book 2

It starts with the death of a god. But in the magical underworld of Seattle, this is only the beginning. For something is rising, and its rage will infect the very soul of the city…

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Mind of the Beast is a great read and definitely one I’m glad I took the time to invest in.” – Untamed Spirit


In the finest of detective traditions, these forces combine with Nick’s quest for the killer, and for a way to cure the supernatural infection destroying ancient gods before it kills Thelma and Nick himself.” – Barb Taub


Mind Of The Beast is so well written with excellent characters I love.” – Not Everyone’s Mama

Back when humanity feared the forest, they didn’t have shapes or people in mind. It was simply the Other.


Nick St. James has a variety of gifts he uses to help people in need, but he dares not lose control. Because there’s a beast inside him, one full of blood and rage. Nick locked this beast away for years, afraid of losing control, afraid of hurting the ones he loves.


But when he investigates the murder of an old man as a favor for a friend, he finds himself dragged into something that could destroy his quiet, normal life. In a world where gods and magic change based on popular belief, someone is using that belief to raise an ancient, primordial god. A god that infects both Nick and Thelma with a curse that leaves Thelma sick and Nick enraged.


And now the beast inside Nick is trying to get out, and if it does, it’ll burn down everything he loves. To stop it, he must confront an evil cult and the one called the Green Man, but more importantly, he must confront the demons within…

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